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Vanozza Dei Cattenei
Biographical information

13 July 1442


24 November 1518 (aged 76)

Time period

Italian Renaissance

Political information

House of Borgia


Joanne Whalley

Vanozza Dei Cattenei was the mistress of Rodrigo Borgia. She is the mother of Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Juan Borgia, and Joffre Borgia.


Vanozza appears to be in her fourties. She has curly, auburn hair and brown eyes. As a long-time lover and mother of Rodrigo's children she's quite wealthy, therefore wears beautiful dresses and gowns with rich embroidery and ornamentation.


  • According to Lucrezia, apricot is Vanozza's favourite colour (ep. Lucrezia's Wedding)

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